Dalton Crosthwait

Monstro is the evolution of Dalton’s original creative endeavor, a design and animation team that he started while in college in 2007, which has joined forces with the other incredible teammates shown on this page. With his team he has won numerous awards, attracted millions of views on networks like YouTube and across the internet, and worked with organizations like the United Nations, Google Ventures, and the Post Carbon Institute.

In his commitment to a vast and growing list of clients he stresses creativity and attention to detail in everything that he produces, often with a focus on organizations, programs, and inventions that will change the world for the better. His strong desire to leave the world a better place than he found it motivates the majority of his efforts, and he loves developing strategies around getting the right kind of attention for his clients.

Aside from his obsession with improving his surroundings, Dalton also has an incredibly strong affinity for burritos, his bicycle, and filling his sketchbooks with whatever pops into his head. He’s an environmentally and socially driven storyteller that looks forward to each new opportunity to inform the world of the great things that great minds are doing to make life better.

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